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Sentencing Mitigation Accomplishments to Date:

In all cases, Joy Brinton works under the defense attorney of record. She assists by developing well researched, creative arguments supportive of current law. Joy has been seated at defense counsel table before District Court Judges at sentencing assisting defense counsel during oral argument and, assisting appellate counsel before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals arguing more efficiently on the clock. Joy’s creative and logical written sentencing arguments have been the basis for three successful sentencing appeals. Two of the direct appeals have been before the Ninth Circuit and one 2255 Writ of Habeas Corpus before the Tenth Circuit.
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District Court Judges

"Ms. Brinton, you have done an exceptional job at mitigating federal cases and this one is no exception. I only wish more defense attorneys would know of your services so that more defendants could benefit from your excellent mitigation work." United States District Judge – Central District of California

"Counsel filed an exceptional brief, thorough and well written. [to defendant] You should be pleased to have such excellent representation on your case." U.S.D.C.J. – Central District CA "I’m reading the factual basis for the downward departure right out of defense counsel’s brief beginning on page…" U.S.D.C.J. – Central District CA

"I am going to depart below that recommended by the Government in their 5K1.1 for the reasons listed in defense counsel’s well written brief. I believe that 12.5 years, half of what the stated statutory sentence would be, is more than enough custody time for this defendant." U.S.D.C.J. – Southern District IA


Federal sentencing Help’s main goal is to educate and consult with Criminal Defense Attorneys. As a federal sentencing consultant, Joy Brinton has made a successful career of combining her thorough legal research with a sound individual mitigation strategy and excellent written skills. The results were significant custody reduction for defendants as well as court room praise for defense counsel. Joy has received numerous testimonials from her clients who not only appreciate her great listening skills but are grateful for the detail and care she takes to properly prepare them for probation interviews, 5K cooperation meetings, loss determination and restitution hearings, and of course sentencing.
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